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Smartphone user showrooming

Ensuring Omnichannel Enablement

The retail environment has seen a multitude of changes over the last decade. From the evolution of e-commerce to social media and mobility, there are now more channels to consider when formulating our Omnichannel strategy.

Retail Technology SuperGuide

The Power of User Generated Content

Building trust online is one of the toughest things a brand can do. By trying to ‘load the dice’ in its favour, a brand may wind up destroying that unspoken contract with its customers. Read more in this excerpt from Power Retail’s new book, the Retail Technology SuperGuide.

Apple Watch sold out week before launch

Do Wearables Have A Future?

A just-released report paints an ordinary picture of Apple watch sales in Australia, prompting the question – do wearables have a future?

Free shipping

Free Shipping Threshold Fail

Will consumers buy stuff they don’t need just to get to a free shipping threshold? I did. Will it make financial sense? This didn’t. Read on.