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Online retail laggards exposed in 2011

2011 gets off to a fiery start – the Retail Coalition’s strategy to pressure government and draw public sympathy has exploded in their faces, as the hostile consumer sentiment toward Australia’s big brand retailers dominates the headlines.

HOT TOPIC: Cyber Monday in Australia?

Cyber Monday is an industry-driven, dedicated online shopping day in the US to capitalise on the Black Friday retail mania around Thanksgiving weekend. Would it/could it work in Australia? Have your say.

HOT TOPIC: The online import invasion

With a significant amount of Australian dollars being spent online going to foreign sites, what’s your view on this hot industry topic? Are more taxes the answer? Is there anything else we can do about it?

HOT TOPIC: Cross-channel challenges

One of the major issues for aspiring multichannel retailers is managing the balance between e-commerce and bricks and mortar, especially where there are large numbers of corporate or franchised stores. What are some of the fundamental strategies for managing the transition to multichannel and keeping all stakeholders satisfied?

HOT TOPIC: To Flash or not to Flash

Maligned and lauded in equal measures, Adobe’s Flash application has been a much discussed topic in e-commerce, particularly given Apple’s staunch anti-Flash stance for its suite of mobile devices. We consulted a number of industry experts for their opinion on the use of Flash in e-commerce sites, and now put it to the online retail community – what’s your take on Flash?