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Editorial: Fields of Green

Any retailers who think they don’t need an e-commerce channel are, at best, missing an enormous opportunity or, at worst, doomed to failure. Australian retailers are at a significant tipping point – will they fall or fly?

Get Smart About Spam

Spam. The word alone is enough to give anyone the irrits, so let’s not even talk about the frustration it invokes when our inboxes are full of it! As an e-commerce business, how do you ensure your electronic communications aren’t incorrectly identified as spam by either inbox filters or intended recipients, and comply with the law?

Australian Consumer E-Commerce Market – Steady Progress

Australian Consumer Behaviour is changing. As Australian e-commerce providers make steady progress, slowly gaining on the US and UK market, consumers are getting the hang of online retail. A recent report by Frost and Sullivan is explained in further detail by Phil Harpur, Senior Research Manager, Frost and Sullivan.

HOT TOPIC: To Flash or not to Flash

Maligned and lauded in equal measures, Adobe’s Flash application has been a much discussed topic in e-commerce, particularly given Apple’s staunch anti-Flash stance for its suite of mobile devices. We consulted a number of industry experts for their opinion on the use of Flash in e-commerce sites, and now put it to the online retail community – what’s your take on Flash?

Multichannel 2.0: Are You Ready?

Are you prepared for Multichannel 2.0 and the plethora of new commerce platforms and consumer conduct it brings with it? Ian Jones, General Manager of Sales at Salmat, spoke at the Online Retailer Expo Conference in order to bring Australian multichannel retailers up to speed on 2.0.

Online Retailing in Australia 2010

Australian e-retailers looking for insight into the behaviours, trends and issues of the local industry will be pleased to learn that Forrester Research Inc has released the results of its benchmark study “Online Retailing in Australia 2010: Marketing, Merchandising, and Customer Service.” Making available for the first time real data on the domestic online retail industry, […]

E-Coupons: The New E-Commerce Phenomenon

Coupons have been around since the dawn of retail, but in the e-commerce space – particularly in Australia – they remain a largely untapped channel. Chris Garner outlines why online retailers need to understand the e-coupon pehnomenon.

Multichannel Mythbusting – Part 1

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re already a believer when it comes to multichannel retail (exciting times aren’t they?). If, like me, you also spend a lot of time talking to executives who may not quite share that excitement or passion and you’re trying to figure out why and what to do about it, my upcoming series of articles is for you.

Case Profile – Shoes of Prey

Could you get 500,000 hits for $1000 and a pair of shoes? Get the full story behind Shoes of Prey, an innovative new Australian online retail business giving female customers the opportunity to design their dream shoes, have them specially handmade and shipped to their doorstep.