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Online Retail 2.0 – Site Optimisation

As the online retail space comes of age, it’s not a GST on international imports that is going to make the difference to local retailers – it’s a great online strategy and execution! Part of this includes implementing site optimisation strategies and tactics to ensure that you are being responsive to user needs and that your website is providing the best online user experience possible.

Leveraging Google Places For Multichannel Success

Google Places represents an opportunity for retailers to optimise both on and offline. We investigate what this new addition means to the search process and Monte Huebsch, CEO for AussieWeb shares how multichannel retailers can optimise and leverage Google Places for retail success.

SEOmom’s Recipes for Search Success – Part 1

In the first part of our ‘SEOmom’s recipes for search success’ video series, Gillian Muessig, President and Co-Founder of SEOmoz, shares her knowledge about the impact that Google Places will have on search and how retailers can take advantage of these changes.

The Importance of Copy for SEO Success

International in-house SEO authority, Brent D Payne – will be speaking in Melbourne at the FREE ‘Online Marketer PPC and SEO Boot-Camp’, a part of the Search Marketing Expo (SMX). He shares why copy works hand in hand with SEO and is essential for online success.

The Benefits of UGC – Part Two: Marketing

In addition to the SEO benefits of UGC we have discussed previously in The Benefits of UGC – Part One: Search, there are many applications for UGC in your marketing efforts too. In the second part of our discussion on UGC, we will look at some great ways UGC is being integrated into customer service […]