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The Benefits of User-Generated-Content Part One: Search

If it isn’t already, User Generated Content (UGC) should be high on the list of things for online retailers to investigate, initiate and integrate into their e-commerce stores. Why? E-commerce experts are touting UGC as the next step for retailers looking to improve their discoverability and increase engagement with customers. Not only is UGC great […]

Case Profile – Zazzle

For Mike Karns, Director of Consumer Marketing and International at Zazzle, the key ingredients for success in e-commerce are the three Ps – but they’re not the same Ps you may have learned along with your marketing study. “People, product, and passion!” he says with a level of enthusiasm indicative of the whole Zazzle approach […]

The Relevance of Personalising the Customer Experience

If you think personalisation is simply creating a mail merge that plugs names from a database into stock standard email blasts, then it’s time to wise up. Start employing genuine personalisation techniques that will not only increase customers and returns, but will give you the competitor advantage too. To begin with, it’s important for online […]

Top Tips For Website Optimisation To Drive Conversion

No matter how effective your search, email, or social media strategies may be, if your site is not optimised to drive conversion, your marketing dollars are being wasted. To compound matters, almost all retailers are also throwing dollars at developing iPhone apps and other expensive projects that deliver very little by way of ROI, when […]