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m-commerce – get ready!

The recent developments in mobile technology signify a huge shift in the way we consume. Being able to access information on the go means customers can now source items before purchase, look up information on competitor products while in store, compare prices and share their purchase experience with other shoppers. It is no longer enough […]

Case Profile – Trixan Body

Trixan Body Australia is a Sydney-based pureplay retailer selling apparel, bath and body product for men, women and children.  Part of the Trixan Group of Companies, owned and managed by Michael Stager and David Brown,  Trixan has grown to a team of 50 people across four countries since its inception in 2002. While Trixan Body […]

Top 5 Social Media Brands Every Retailer Should Know

The proliferation of social media tools, huge developments in mobile internet technology and the prevalence of smartphones mean consumers are spending more time online than ever before. The internet plays a vital role in aiding individuals to relate to people and brands whose opinions and interests are closely aligned with their own. With new social […]

How Interactive Video Changes Everything

With high speed broadband becoming ubiquitous, video content is a key channel for communicating with customers via the internet. Read on for some examples of best practice and a look at what many claim will be the next big thing in online retail – augmented reality.