EDITOR’S PICK: Cottoning on to Technology

By Samantha Youl | 24 Apr 2012

Australian multichannel fashion giant Cotton On is targeting Gen Y shoppers with their new in-store experience. Fashion + Music = A new fitting room feature!

Are you listening? Because there is a musical outfit being tried on in a fitting room near you. Multichannel fashion label Cotton On is using RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification to create a new kind of shopping experience for the in-store customer.

‘Try On Your Sound’ is the new inititative from the Australian company and it is combining music with fashion. The colourful jeans from Cotton On are using the RFID technology to create a “mini gig” in the fitting rooms. The musical clothing works by transmitting electronic information between the garment tag and a reader via a wireless system. Cotton On worked with Unique Micro Design to develop the musical fashion.

Cotton On Wireless Technology

Cotton On is using this technology to keep ahead of the game and to continue impressing customers. In a time when the on and offline are retail worlds are competing with one another for attention, every store needs to do what it can to entice the customer.

“We are all about customers so we’re constantly looking for new ways for them to engage with us, whether that is online or in-store,” says Mark Coombes, Cotton On Group Marketing Manager. “We know that Gen Y defines itself by music and that fashion is also a means of self-expression so we thought why not combine the two in our stores and breathe life into the fitting room experience.”

The style and colour of jeans are matched up with a particular song, or playlist that is designed to suit the possible customers taste. Customers can then share the experience wuth their friends by the use of social network, twitter, with the hashtag #tryonyoursound.

Cotton On customers can share the experience on Twitter

“In our search for tracks that reflected our garment styles, we focused on hot of the press, emerging Australian artists and cutting edge international acts not yet spun on commercial radio. It gives shoppers a unique in-store experience that will be different for every individual according to their taste,” says Coombes.

The musical jeans are currently debuting in Carindale, Queensland but they are expected to play their tunes in Sydney and Melbourne soon.

Cotton On – Try on your sound

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