EDITOR’S PICK: C&A FashionLike

By Samantha Youl | 17 Jul 2012

Making bricks and mortar shopping more social, international fashion retailer C&A creates an in-store Facebook liking experience.

Do you need a friend’s opinion before selecting a new outfit? Or even the opinion from a shop assistant or a stranger? How do you know which is the better jacket to buy or which shirt is nicer if you don’t have a second opinion?

This year, international fashion retailer C&A launched a custom made clothes rack in its Brazilian stores. Being a bricks and mortar retailer, C&A found a way to link with the online. The marketing program is called FashionLike and it works by allowing customers to ‘like’ a piece of clothing on the Facebook page. This then translates to the hanger and shows how many people have ‘liked’ an item in real time.

I don’t know how good your Spanish is, but this video explains the process.

What other examples have you seen of bricks and mortar retailers using social media in innovative ways?


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