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In a world where online retailers are turning more and more to social media and new digital technologies, does street art have a place when it comes to e-commerce? MIISHKA thinks so. The pureplay retailer has teamed up with Fezwitch to bring Wilma Flinstone to an alleyway near you!

I’m somewhat regretting my write-up on MIISHKA last month. I can no longer justify my weekly purchases as ‘research’ and my compulsive checking of the MIISHKA Facebook page for the latest items is getting a bit out of hand. So what is it about an online retailer that keeps the punters coming back for more? Obviously, quality of product and customer service have a big role to play, but keeping customers on their toes with a touch of the unexpected shouldn’t be underestimated.

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about the ways that fashion labels have been turning to innovative technologies to boost sales, from the Bonds Birthday Campaign to Sportgirl’s QR codes and interactive in-store mirrors. So can art (of the the non-interactive variety, minus QR codes and out of the digital space) still turn heads? MIISHKA thinks so.

The pureplay fashion label has teamed up with street artist Fezwitch, plastering Melbourne with mock-magazine covers.

“Through MIISHKA vs Fezwitch, we’re trying to promote creative inspiration in everyday life to open people’s minds,” said Fezwitch.

Yes, blogging, Facebook, Pinterest have their place and are an amazing tool for retailers – especially the pureplayers – to communicate with fans. But isn’t walking past Marge Simpson playing stylist with Wilma Flinstone in a South Melbourne alleyway just a little bit fun?

“MIISHKA is not just another retail store. We constantly communicate with our fans. We want to challenge them to expect the unexpected in not only fashion, but all forms of art,” says MIISHKA Founder, Michelle Glitman.

Not all online retailers can compete with the likes of the major brands who push boundaries with digital campaigns. But innovative technologies aren’t the only way for e-tailers to get noticed. With MIISHKA ticking towards the 59,000 Facebook fans mark in less than two years, it shows that a touch of whimsy and creativity can be equally as effective.

For the record, Wilma Flinstone would look smokin’ hot in the INCYDA ‘Still Got My Wings’ dress I got delivered to work today. For research. Of course.

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