EDITOR’S PICK: Sewing a Start-Up

By Samantha Youl | 21 May 2012

Wendy Tsao is the Founder and Owner of Child’s Own, an online business that combines creativity and cuteness.

As I’m not a parent, I haven’t been forced to fawn over a four year old’s drawing of a blob that is supposed to be me… However, I know that some of my co-workers in the Power Retail HQ that have done this countless times. My own mother did this for my pieces of “art”. She went to the extent to frame one certain colourful creation and to this day, people still ask what it is.

There is one woman who saw her son’s drawing as so much more and she saw an opportunity to make an online business out of it. Wendy Tsao is the Founder of Child’s Own, a site where children’s drawings come to life in the form of soft toys. The idea became a reality five years ago when her son started kindergarten.

“His school asked for a comfort toy to put in his emergency preparation kit,” reminisces Tsao. “Instead of sending in one of his favourite stuffed toys or buying a new one, I decided to sew one myself. It had to be something meaningful because I figured in the event of an emergency it would have to be something familiar and comforting. I was thinking of making his favourite animal, but then I saw his self-portrait. He drew it all the time, and it always more or less looked the same, with huge eye circles, stick arms and ten long wispy digits. So, I thought, why not? And when I was finished, my son immediately recognised it and was very appreciative, and that’s when I realised, hey, this could be a great business idea!”

Tsao has created countless toys, or as they are described on the site “softies”, for children and is continuously busy filling endless orders.

The drawing


The finished product – the softie


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  1. Phil Grech says:

    This is by far this more original idea I have seen in ages.
    A) it solves a problem
    B) it fulfils a need
    C) There is no competition

    and most importantly it is simple!

    With some good marketing this could be a excellent and viable business moving forward

    Great Work!!

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