EDITOR’S PICK: This Is Why I’m Broke

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 27 Jan 2012

Unleash your inner-geek and find everything from flying cars to underpants for your hands (Handerpants) on ThisIsWhyImBroke.

Ever wanted to drive around in the motorbike from Tron? Or wished you had a pair of pyjamas that looked like a suit?

ThisIsWhyImBroke is a blog run by “a few geeky ladies and gentleman who partake in way too much internet shopping.” The site showcases a mix of cool, geeky, unique, geeky, useful, geeky, extravagant (and did I mention geeky?) products.

While many of the products on the site do return “a small commission” for referral, the motivation for posting items seems to be a love of all things quirky online. Most goods are sourced from Amazon, Etsy or Hammacher. So it’s nice to have a whole lot of crazy available in just one place.

The Tron motorcycle would set you back $55,000 while a Dolphin Power Boat will cost you $65,000.

For those looking for slightly less expensive goods, there are a few unique and extremely practical ideas out there. For example, slippers with built in lights so you can see your way at night. Why didn’t I think of that? Only $40. Bargain. Dust mopping slippers so you can clean while you shuffle? I did think of that! I should have patented it faster!

Candy Canes that taste like bacon? Ok, maybe not.

There are also some especially cute tech related gifts like Pac Man wall stickers and an iPhone case that makes your phone look like it stepped out of the 1980’s. There is a plethora of Star Wars related merchandise, from Intergalactic Hoodies to Princess Leia headphone covers (for that effortless side bun look). If you want to accessorise your pad to make it look like the set of The Big Bang Theory, this is the place to go!

There are. however, some slightly more dubious products floating around the site. “This Cookie Bowl mould has six cavity molds to allow you to easily make delicious cookie bowls that will turn any meal time into an epic meal time,” says the Cookie Bowl Mould product description. That’s all very well. And eating ice-cream out of a cookie bowl does seem like an excellent idea. But the mould is actually just an upside-down muffin tin. And for US$18.90, that’s a bit cheeky. And the “Never Soggy Cereal Bowl” for US$19.99? Well that’s just a chip and dip bowl. If you want to separate your milk from your cereal (isn’t it meant to get soggy anyway?!) there are probably cheaper ways to do it. Buyer beware!

This site may not send you broke (unless the Tron motorcycle is up your alley) but you could easily spend hours trolling through the array of quirky and entertaining products. Perhaps it should be called ThisIsHowIWastedMyAfternoon.

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