EDITOR’S PICK: Your New Local Butcher Shop

By Samantha Youl | 05 Apr 2012

Sometimes I wish I had more time in the day, just to get everything done. Luckily there are so many new e-commerce ventures to make that possible, and now the latest edition is here, Butcherman.

I’ll admit it. Since finishing University, I have found this whole ‘working full time’ concept rather different to what I was previously accustomed to. I start work before 9 and don’t get home until after 5. Luckily I have a great boss and work colleagues who make it worth while… Right guys? Though, what I wonder is how does anybody manage to get anything else done? Before the whole e-commerce concept came about, I’m certain people lost their lunch breaks in queues at the bank, or running to the shops to get some ingredients for dinner.

Now, a Sydney man has joined the online industry to help full time workers have one less thing to do in their lunch break, a trip to the butcher. Paul Tory is the CEO of Butcherman and with the help of his family, he has taken the Butcher business online to give customers fresh meat at a time that suits them.

Before the Butcherman was a reality, Tory’s father Cris Tory, ran Total Meats. Total Meats delivered meat to some Sydney restaurants and Paul Tory realised they had an opportunity to expand on this delivery business.

“We already had the restaurant delivery network around Sydney,” explains Tory. “This gave us the idea of having an online ordering and delivery service to meet the demands of our busy customers.”

The only factor I see that will work against Butcherman is that you lose that customer/butcher interaction. I thoroughly enjoy going to my local butcher, working out what sausages to have on the BBQ on Sunday night (I highly recommend the honey and rosemary lamb), getting advice on what meat I should put in my winter stew and how long I should cook that chicken supreme for? But Butcherman has tried to make up for this lack of interaction by its blog and recipe page, and this page makes some wild claims – like boasting the perfect mashed potato, I’ll be the judge of that.

The Butcherman currently only delivers six days a week to Sydneysiders, I guess the rest of us will have to wait to ‘meat’ our own version of the Butcherman. Yes, bad pun intended.

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  1. Hi Samantha great that you looked at a little different online retailer. Meat is not a new one and http://www.themeatboutique.com.au a Ryde, NSW based specialty butcher has been selling online very successfully for 3 or so years. They have customers that buy online from outside of Sydney. They are a family owned butcher shop for 30 or years that has used online retailer to service their customers and expand their business.

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