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Can Your Omnichannel Strategy Survive Your Next Sales Peak?

Sales peaks can wreak havoc with omnichannel operations. However, stress-testing your operations can help to optimise the return you get from these events.

By Mark Troselj | 01 Jun 2016
Joining the Dots: Best-Practice POS for an Omnichannel World

Australian retailers must refresh and connect their POS systems to deliver on omnichannel’s promise of seamless, personalised customer service.

By Mark Troselj | 29 Mar 2016
Why Omnichannel Should Be Everywhere, But Isn't

While omnichannel has transitioned from forward-looking retail strategy to overworked buzzword, the reality is that many retailers are still struggling to get it right.

By Mark Troselj | 24 Feb 2016
Four Things Australian Retailers Want This Christmas

Customers know how they want to shop this Christmas, but too many retailers are failing to provide it. Netsuite offers some tips for creating the kind of omnichannel experience that shoppers want.

By Mark Troselj | 07 Dec 2015
Don’t Let Fake Omnichannel Ruin the Customer Experience

With growing knowledge, power and expectations, Australian consumers continue to dictate the terms of retail engagement.

By Mark Troselj | 28 Sep 2015
Customer Centric-Commerce is the Key to Success

Ensuring a customer-centric approach across e-commerce operations is critical. But legacy systems can prove challenging to achieving success in this area.

By Mark Troselj | 16 Jul 2015
Matching M-commerce Experience to Customer Intent

The increasing prevalence of smartphone usage is challenging for online retailers developing a one-size-fits-all mobile shopping experience, which is at odds with what is happening in reality.

By Mark Troselj | 02 Jul 2015
Impact of E-Commerce Integration on Supply Chains

Investing in the latest cloud-based supply chain technologies is imperative if retailers want to compete and survive in the changing online retail landscape, as Mark Troselj reports.

By Mark Troselj | 22 Apr 2015
What's In Store For Aussie Retailers In 2015?

As we rapidly approach the end of 2014, it’s the time of year where we take a good look into the crystal ball to determine what Australian retailers can expect in the year ahead.

By Mark Troselj | 12 Dec 2014