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Is O2O the Next Big Buzzword in Retail?

Described as a buzzword, the future of retail and click-and-collect all rolled into one, Chris Morley describes the 'O2O' phenomenon sweeping China.

By Chris Morley | 04 Feb 2014
Woolworths Backs a Bricks and Mortar Winner with Aussie Animals Cards

Most people will tell you the world of marketing promotions has gone digital, but take a look at Woolworths' recent hit trading cards and you'd be forgiven for thinking it's still 1963, writes Chris Morley.

By Chris Morley | 11 Oct 2013
A Retail Vision for Incorporating 3D Printers into the Shopping Experience

3D Printers are fast becoming fully consumerised. How retailers choose to embed these technologies into their offerings will soon shape the customer experience.

By Chris Morley | 04 Oct 2013
Emerging Retail Expressions to Watch Out For

By now we're all familiar with 'multichannel', 'e-commerce' and 'UX' as retail-related jargon, but what are some of the latest industry catchphrases to be aware of? Chris Morley provides a few examples.

By Chris Morley | 20 Sep 2013
Is 'Customer Service' a Forgotten Retail Buzzword?

A recent outing to Melbourne's renowned but struggling Chapel Street retail district shows that customer service hasn't disappeared altogether from the in-store experience, writes Chris Morley.

By Chris Morley | 06 Sep 2013
Politics and Retail: Outcomes of the Impending Election

Promises, promises and more promises. It must be time for a Federal election again - but where's the retail voice?

By Chris Morley | 30 Aug 2013
Australian Retailers (Mostly) Have Good Search Strategies for Mother's Day

As the third largest gift category this Mother's Day, optimising search and landing pages for gift card sales are a must for retailers, writes Chris Morley.

By Chris Morley | 07 May 2013
Local Online Landscape Review: A Schoolyard Analogy

The developing world of online industry has long since left kindergarten behind, but it's still young. Welcome to the jostling schoolyard of the internet, writes Chris Morley.

By Chris Morley | 03 Apr 2013
Australian Retail Sites Don't Stack Up with US Counterparts at Easter

In comparing Australian retail sites against their international counterparts, Chris Morley reveals a distinct paucity in local offerings this Easter.

By Chris Morley | 25 Mar 2013