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Miss Terry Shopper and The Iconic's Social Buzz

Australian pureplay retailer The Iconic goes the extra mile and wins an extra happy customer in Miss Terry Shopper.

Miss Terry Shopper and the SurfStitch Customer Service

Miss Terry Shopper had an outfit sizing issue but experienced customer service gold from SurfStitch this winter.

Miss Terry Shopper and the Smashed Art Deco Vase

Miss Terry Shopper learns that buying collectible Art Deco on eBay is risky and that trying to sort out issues with PayPal is hazardous to mental health.

Customer Service Excellence - "Are you seeing a psychiatrist?"

Even the most savvy online shopper can be scammed by counterfeiters. But what you don't expect, when questioning the authenticity of a product, is to be asked if you have a "regular doctor or psychiatrist"...

Miss Terry Shopper Waits 40 Nights and Not One Thing Right

Waiting and waiting and waiting. Miss Terry Shopper experiences an order dispatch gone wrong.

Mr Terry Shopper and the Stray Flat Packed Lamb

Ever had a retailer go above and beyond what was expected in order to meet your expectations? Mr Terry Shopper got the KARTON treatment when a cardboard lamb made a surprise visit to his office.

Miss Terry Shopper and The Cheeky Mooo Monkey

When it comes to online shopping, delivery delays are unfortunately part of the package so to speak. So how did Mooo customer service turn a negative situation around and create a happy and satisfied customer...

Miss Terry Shopper Embraces T-Commerce

While tablet devices certainly aren't new, Miss Terry Shopper finally gives into t-commerce and discovers a whole new world of digital retail available at her fingertips.

Miss Terry Shopper and the Shopping Club Buy-Off

Ms Terry Shopper puts her credit card on the line in the name of research and compares how two of Australia's most popular member-only shopping clubs are operating within the m-commerce channel.