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US Holiday Shoppers to Spend $124 Billion Online

Online shoppers in the US are expected to spend big this holiday season, with Aussie consumers trailing closely behind. From November 1 until December 31, Adobe predicts online and offline sales will increase.

April Davis By April Davis | 02 Nov 2018
Adobe Sets Its Sights on E-Commerce

Adobe Systems Inc. has agreed to a $1.68 billion deal to purchase Magento, as it strives to compete with the likes of and Oracle Corp in the e-commerce sphere.

April Davis By April Davis | 22 May 2018
Smartphone Shopping On The Rise In Australia

This Christmas period is expected to be huge for Australian retailers, and more than ever before the retail surge is being led by shoppers with smartphones.

By Rory Betteridge | 07 Nov 2014
Online Retail Benefits from Sustained Holiday Shopping - Adobe Digital Index

The Adobe Digital Index reveals real-time sales figures across Australian online retail, showing that holiday spending has been higher and more sustained compared to last year.

Tablet Shoppers are More Likely to Purchase Online - Study

Adobe has released its State of Mobile Benchmark Report this week, with specific interest for online retailers, as tablet shoppers are revealed to be more likely to buy online.

HOT TOPIC: To Flash or not to Flash

Maligned and lauded in equal measures, Adobe's Flash application has been a much discussed topic in e-commerce, particularly given Apple's staunch anti-Flash stance for its suite of mobile devices. We consulted a number of industry...

By Grant Arnott | 20 Jul 2010