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Alibaba Kicks Off Inaugural Sydney E-Commerce Expo

Over two days, Alibaba held its first e-commerce expo in Sydney. The pioneer of new retail tech and its affiliate companies plan to expose the Australian retail industry to the trends taking the Chinese market...

April Davis By April Davis | 21 Sep 2018
Alibaba and GUESS Open Digital-First Concept Store

A new concept store that’s set to open in Hong Kong on Thursday could be the future of fashion retail, as Alibaba demonstrates its latest AI tech.

April Davis By April Davis | 04 Jul 2018
Google Says Australia is Missing Out on the AI Boom

The Managing Director of Google Australia, Jason Pellegrino has said that Australia is at risk of missing out on a $2.2 trillion boom in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena. Is the e-commerce industry also falling...

April Davis By April Davis | 01 Jun 2018
Wise Up to AI or Lose Customer Loyalty, Experts Warn

Businesses that aren't combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with a solid customer loyalty and retention strategy could be at risk of losing out on ongoing revenue streams, experts say.

April Davis By April Davis | 16 Apr 2018
2018: The Year of Experimentation in Marketing

With so many exciting developments in the AR and VR space, 2018 is the year to take the leap and experiment with what your data can truly offer. It's all about connecting to your consumer...

By Tink Taylor | 13 Mar 2018
Ebay Pushes AI Strategy

Ebay US is aggressively pushing its personalisation and AI strategy to deliver to new and enhanced customer experiences across its online platform.

By Peter Krideras | 16 Feb 2018
SponsoredLinX Expands Online Retail Capabilities With AI

Brisbane-based digital marketing firm SponsoredLinX says it’s now looking at utilising artificial intelligence technology to broaden the reach of retailer’s digital marketing campaigns.

By Power Retail | 21 Nov 2017
The High Powered Human Touch: AI and Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is powering nearly every experience customers have to make it smarter, seamless and personalised, and as a result, consumer expectations are at an all-time high.

By James Johnson | 21 Aug 2017
Amazon Brings ‘Show and Tell’ to our Modern Homes

Amazon has announced that the latest addition to the Alexa-powered Echo range of home hubs, the Amazon Echo Show, is set to go on sale June 28 for USD $230.