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BCF says Big Data and Content is Key to Comeback

Super Retail Group say big data and content creation will feature heavily in transforming BCF into positive gear, with technology to play a huge role.

Emotional Data: Making Sure Data Doesn’t Turn Deadly

Retailers need to beware of emotionally analysing data and skewing the results. Good data analysis can help a company but bad data analysis can ruin it.

By Nick Lavidge | 04 Aug 2016
Technology and the Future of Retail

Mobile, the internet of things and big data provide a powerful technology combination that allows retailers to understand their customers in unprecedented ways.

By Gareth Jude | 13 May 2016
Customer Empathy Before Analytics

Data matters, but its value lies in improving your brand presence in ways that are personal. Customer empathy will help you get the most out of your data.

By Nick Grinberg | 12 Apr 2016
Data Is Powerful… but It Requires a Unified Customer View

As retailers we are constantly managing transactions, from purchasing to promotions through to sales and service. The question is, are we capturing data efficiently and translating it effectively?

By Stephen Duncan | 28 Oct 2015
How Big Data is Transforming Retail

Big data offers numerous potential benefits to online retailers. However, due to the often overwhelming nature of big data analytics, many opportunities for customising the consumer experience are going largely untapped.

By Nick Grinberg | 07 Oct 2015
Etsy Leverages Big Data to Personalise the Shopping Experience

Brooklyn-based crafts marketplace Etsy is using its creative flair to craft data analytics to help shoppers navigate more than 30 million unique items.

By Sam Gopal | 10 Jun 2015
Big Data and Customer Loyalty: Tesco's Transformation Under Sir Terry Leahy Explained

Sir Terry Leahy was the man responsible for taking supermarket chain Tesco from the bottom of the ladder to the third largest in the world. At RetailTECH X this week, he told attendees how.

By Sam Gopal | 22 May 2015
Why Big Data is a Must in E-commerce

Big data is a critical component for companies to consider in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain profitable, with excellent ROI to be had, writes Sunil Kumar.

By Sunil Kumar | 24 Apr 2015