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Five Fingers of Death Part 5: Brand Awareness

In the final article in our 'Five Fingers of Death' series, John Lawson explores brand awareness and how retailers can best target audiences via social media.

By John Lawson | 25 Nov 2010
The Five Fingers of Death Part 3: User Generated Content

In the next chapter of "The Fiver Fingers of Death", John Lawson of ColderICE discusses why retailers should encourage user generated content - both the good and the bad.

By John Lawson | 04 Nov 2010
The Five Fingers of Death Part 2: CRM

In the second instalment of this five-part series, social marketing and e-commerce expert, John Lawson of ColderICE, discusses CRM, the second aspect of the Five Fingers of Death, and how you can best utilise it...

By John Lawson | 28 Oct 2010
Diary of a Start-Up Part 2.2 - How to Choose an E-Commerce Solution

Learn the basic principles in choosing the right e-commerce solution for your business.

By John Debrincat | 09 Sep 2010
Diary of a Start-Up Part 1: Business Plan and Strategy

Part 1 of our series, Diary of a Start-Up, will take you through the first essential steps in getting your e-commerce business off the ground.

By John Debrincat | 19 Aug 2010