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Blockchain: Disruptor or Disappointment?

Blockchain has made waves over the past decade, and now it's becoming a hot topic once again. But is it worth the hype? We break down its pros, cons and how retailers can use it.

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 17 May 2019
The Latest Player in the Gamified Shopping Arena

Imagine walking down the street and using your phone to access bargains in bricks-and-mortar stores near you? The latest mobile app to hit the gamified commerce scene does just that.

April Davis By April Davis | 19 Mar 2019
The Changing Nature of Retail

With stalwarts like Toys “R” Us facing demise, as retail giants shrink their physical footprints – traditional retail is in the midst of shifting priorities.

By Shippit | 19 Feb 2019
60% of Aussies Predict E-Commerce Revolution

A recent study has revealed that 25 percent of Australians expect the retail industry to be mostly online in the near future, with a further 35 percent saying they think it will happen within five...

April Davis By April Davis | 08 Oct 2018
Online Retailers Threatened by Australian Bricks-and-Mortar

New research from Monash University reveals Aussie consumers prefer shopping in-store to pureplay digital shopping experiences, but customer experience via both channels can help fix this.

April Davis By April Davis | 23 Jul 2018
NAB's September Online Retail Sales Index Shows Growth

NAB's Online Retail Sales Index shows a 1.1 percent increase in online sales for September 2015, improving on the 0.6 percent growth recorded in August.

By Julian Thumm | 05 Nov 2015
NAB Shows August Online Retail Sales Growing

NAB's Online Retail Sales Index shows a 0.6 percent increase in online sales for August 2015, improving on the 1.4 percent decline recorded in July.

By Julian Thumm | 06 Oct 2015
Retail Sentiment on the Rise

According to a recent survey of retail centre managers, sentiment in Australian shopping centres is now "cautiously optimistic".

Brookes Announces Future Improvements to Myer's Online Store

CEO Bernie Brookes last week announced that Myer aims to beat its online rivals with its new omnichannel strategy, along with several upcoming improvements to its online store.

By Chris Morley | 06 Jun 2012