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Maximise Your Customer Journey with a Personal Touch

One of the key trends in e-commerce marketing strategy as we move into 2017 is optimisation. Specifically, how it can be applied to 4 core pillars of the customer journey: pop-up sign-ups, automated campaigns for...

By Shannon Ingrey | 21 Mar 2017
More Australians Turning to Overseas Online Retailers

Latest research shows almost three in four Aussie consumers now shop across borders, revealing an outflow of potential retail spend from the local economy. The first step is to focus on why consumers stray and...

By Shannon Ingrey | 20 Feb 2017
Retail Data: Worth its Weight in Gold?

While most retailers appreciate the value of data, few are fully aware of how to extract the most valuable insights. Lee Thompson from NetSuite offers some tips.

By Lee Thompson | 17 Aug 2016
Is Your Marketing Truly Personal?

Using a 'more than marketing' approach integrates marketing platforms with supply chain to provide more personalised marketing and better track ROI.

By Lee Thompson | 07 Jul 2016
Say Goodbye to Email Unsubscribes

Are unsubscribes hurting your email database? E-commerce marketing guru Shannon Ingrey offers some tips for reducing email unsubscribes.

By Shannon Ingrey | 21 Apr 2016
Rekindle the Spark with Three Simple Anniversary Emails

Anniversary emails are a great way to reward customer loyalty, re-engage subscribers and leverage data. Here are three simple anniversary email strategies.

By Greg Zakowicz | 24 Mar 2016
How User Experience Can Prevent Cart Abandonment

While checkout abandonment is a fact of life for online retailers, creating a compelling user experience can help increase conversions.

By Shannon Ingrey | 25 Feb 2016
Kick-Start 2016 Sales with Personalisation

Email personalisation is a great way to welcome new customers, convert abandoned carts and increase customer loyalty. Here are some tips to get you started crafting your personalised email campaign.

By Shannon Ingrey | 25 Jan 2016
Abandonment Issues: Living with Shopping Cart Abandonment (Part 2)

Shopping cart abandonment is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's an opportunity. In the second of this three-part series, Power Retail provides hints and tips on converting those abandoned carts to sales.

By Julian Thumm | 11 Nov 2015