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Budget: Short Term Boon, Long Term Bust?

Do the latest figures encourage retailers or create more long-term problems? The stats are in, but it depends which way you look at them.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 04 Apr 2019
Budget 2017: How It Impacts You

How will the 2017 Federal Budget unveiled this week impact the online retail sector in Australia? Industry experts have their say.

By Grant Arnott | 10 May 2017
Budget Spikes Online Shopping Frenzy for Office Supplies Before EOFY

Australian e-commerce is looking strong for 2015 as an eWay report indicates online shopping spend is up for the first half of the year.

By Sam Gopal | 10 Jul 2015
'Netflix Tax' To Level Unfair Playing Field

Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed the dubbed 'Netflix tax' in last night's budget, mandating foreign businesses supplying digital products and services are subject to GST.

By Sam Gopal | 13 May 2015
Pacific Brands CEO Blames Budget, Weather for Profit Slide

Pacific Brands CEO John Pollaers has cited a "perfect storm" of conditions that have caused the company's earnings to be recently downgraded by 14 percent.

Has Consumer Sentiment Just Gone to the Wall?

In recent news, the Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment has taken a dive in May, with industry commentators speculating on how long the negativity might last.

How to Develop a Marketing Budget for Small Businesses

One of the biggest unknowns for many first-time business owners is figuring out a required budget allocation to go towards marketing activities. But it's far from being insurmountable, writes Monique Craig.

By Monique Craig | 19 May 2014
The Big Bad Budget - Tough Times Ahead for Business, Retail and Ethics

Industry advocates continue to see a silver lining in yesterday's Federal Budget announcements - but is there really anything for retailers to be happy about?

Google Adwords for Decision Makers: Partnerships and Budgeting

It's one thing to have a rough understanding of SEM, but another entirely to have the time to create and maintain successful AdWords campaigns, writes Jasper Vallance.

By Jasper Vallance | 28 May 2013