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Chanel Buys Stake in Farfetch for Digital Push

As part of Chanel’s major push for e-commerce, the French luxury label has taken a minority stake in online retailer Farfetch that will help it evolve its digital capabilities.

Customer Loyalty Starts at Home

Today your customer is in control. And “best price in town” just doesn’t cut it anymore. So how should retailers and brands manage these fragile relationships with their customers?

By Wayne Jasek | 19 Feb 2018
Celine Enters The E-Commerce Age

French luxury fashion brand Celine has launched into e-commerce this week, joining the ranks of luxury brands bracing against online retail giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

Prada Pays Price for Slow E-commerce Strategy

Over the last 20 years Prada has taken it sweet time in selling its handbags, shoes and accessories online, but 2017 will see the company ramp up its investment in boosting online sales, and reducing...

Ralph Lauren Closes Physical Stores to Focus on E-Commerce

This week luxury fashion label Ralph Lauren announced it will close 10% of its Polo stores, including its New York Fifth Avenue store, and focus more on its e-commerce operations, as part of its Way...

eBay Authenticate™ to Boost Consumer Confidence

This year eBay will be launching eBay Authenticate™, a new program designed to boost consumer confidence when purchasing high-end merchandise on the site. 

By Power Retail | 17 Mar 2017
Adyen Increases Transaction Volume to US $90 Billion

Payments tech company Adyen has increased transaction volume 80% year-over-year, totalling $90 billion in 2016, also making traction in the online retail market, including the successful global rollout of Burberry’s omnichannel payment infrastructure.

By Power Retail | 23 Feb 2017
Myer Shop Straight From the Catwalk Online

In a global first, Myer teamed up with Twitter to be the first department store anywhere to leverage live 360 video on Twitter, to broadcast its Autumn Winter Fashion Launch, where customers could 'see now-buy...

Why Some Luxe Brands Won't Sell on Amazon

Brands like Cartier, Hermes and Ralph Lauren are available on Amazon's marketplace, despite none of them intending to.