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Bed Threads: Case Profile

Wanting to invest in some luxury bed linen, Genevieve Rosen-Biller was disappointed by what she found. Her disappointment grew into an idea which has now grown into a business that sells 100 percent French Flax...

powerretail By Powerretail | 27 Aug 2018
Ahead in the Cloud: Jurlique Rolls Out New POS System

Jurlique recently completed rolling out a new cloud-based POS system across its 16 Australian stores. Vend founder Vaughan Rowsell runs us through the project.

By Vaughan Rowsell | 12 May 2016
Case Profile: Byron Bay Gifts

Zoe Gordon, founder of Byron Bay Gifts, talks website design, ethical retailing, digital marketing, the challenges of expansion and more.

By Julian Thumm | 21 Apr 2016
Bookabuy: A Book is a Gift You Can Open Again and Again

Bookabuy founders Mel and Chris Tantchev offer insights into starting an e-commerce business and getting the most out of the subscription retail model.

By Julian Thumm | 08 Feb 2016
Case Profile: The Hamper Emporium

Power Retail gets a taste of the business of giving as we talk online retail with The Hamper Emporium.

By Julian Thumm | 14 Oct 2015
HealthPost Revamp Helps Retain More Customers

Founded in 1988 by current CEO Abel Butler's mother, HealthPost started off as a mail-order catalogue business based out of Collingwood, on New Zealand’s Golden Bay. Business basics like low prices, quality service and speedy...

By Rory Betteridge | 04 Mar 2015
Revisited: Michael Hill Redesign Has Paid Off

NZ jeweller Michael Hill is enjoying the benefits of a revamped online offering courtesy of Amblique.

By Rory Betteridge | 26 Feb 2015
Autogenie: Connecting Consumers with Car Deals

By disrupting the way people find and select new car deals, Autogenie is disrupting the automobile market - but the dealers are just as impressed with the model as its users.

Keeping it Fresh Online: Q&A with Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics

On the verge of a new website release as well as its tenth business anniversary, Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics are just as focused on customer service and online strategy as ever.