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The Connection between Product Video and Conversion Rates

Jeremy Krause explains the connection between videos, engagement and conversions, and why "trust is the currency of the now, not the future."

By Jeremy Krause | 08 Apr 2019
BCF says Big Data and Content is Key to Comeback

Super Retail Group say big data and content creation will feature heavily in transforming BCF into positive gear, with technology to play a huge role.

Mimco Opens New Interactive Store

Ahead of its 20th birthday next year, Mimco is embracing all things digital with the launch of its flagship store in Sydney, complete with interactive touch table.

By Sam Gopal | 22 Jul 2015
Playbook Best Practice Article: Content That Converts

If your content marketing is not having an impact on your bottom line, you may need to reconsider how you’re doing it.

By Tami Iseli | 05 Jun 2015
Facebook Ban On Like-Gating Effective Now

As of last Tuesday social media marketers are no longer able to trade Facebook likes for content or contest entries, leaving marketers little recourse but to find more authentic ways to engage their audiences.

By Rory Betteridge | 07 Nov 2014
Blogger Outreach - The Strategy and The Reality

Blogger outreach may be a surefire method for building your brand's visibility, but there's a lot of effort required to get it right, says Michael Jenkins.

By Michael Jenkins | 17 Mar 2014
What Blogger Outreach means for SEO: The Untapped Resource

Businesses are missing out on two opportunities for brand and SEO growth: optimising the content they are sending out, and tapping into optimised peer-to-peer marketing by contributing to the blogging space.

By Michael Jenkins | 18 Feb 2014
A Facebook Guide to Engaging Your Audience: Sourcing and Publishing Content

As Dean Salakas continues his Facebook Guide for retail brands, he looks at how to source content efficiently, as well as how to divine the right time to post.

By Dean Salakas | 19 Nov 2013
A Facebook Guide to Engaging Your Audience: Scheduling and Managing Posts

Brand managers may already know how to schedule posts, but a new tool called Power Editor is making them easier to edit and manage, writes Dean Salakas.

By Dean Salakas | 29 Oct 2013