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One Brand’s Journey From E-Commerce to Supermarket Shelves

Focusing on innovation and “best of breed” products, the founder of Rufus & Coco has revolutionised the pet care industry. How has a cross-channel retail strategy helped the brand achieve its goals?

April Davis By April Davis | 18 Mar 2019
LUSH Cosmetics: Retail, Only More Ethical

Some retailers talk the talk, while others walk the walk. LUSH Cosmetics is an example of the latter, with the UK-based cosmetics company setting a high bar when it comes to ethical cross-channel trade.

April Davis By April Davis | 28 Feb 2019
Data-Driven Businesses 23X More Likely to Acquire Customers

A new guide for cross-channel fashion and footwear retailers reveals key insights into the Australian retail sector in 2019 and the big challenges that lay ahead.

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Feb 2019
Can Legacy Businesses Find Their Place in the Modern Retail Realm?

The retail landscape looks very different now to what it did 50 years ago. How has this evolution impacted traditional business models and is it too late for them to catch-up?

April Davis By April Davis | 13 Feb 2019
CX Disconnect: The Issue Plaguing Aussie Retailers

Customer experience (CX) is a term thrown around a lot in the retail industry, but how many businesses are actually prioritising their customers’ needs?

April Davis By April Davis | 22 Jan 2019
Target Invests in AR App

Target US has released a new augmented reality (AR) app to help customers better visualise the company’s Christmas decorations in their own spaces.

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Dec 2018
Walmart’s New Way to Shop In-Store, Purchase Online

Walmart has been hard at work improving its cross-channel shopping experience, with its new online app for store associates the latest move in its fight to gain a share in the global e-commerce market.

By Sam McConnell | 06 Dec 2018
Interior Secrets Reports 30% Growth, Charts Expansion Plans

Online furniture retailer, Interior Secrets is on track to turn over $12 million and has new fulfilment and digital strategies in place to help propel the brand into the future.

April Davis By April Davis | 29 Nov 2018
IKEA Sacks 7,500 Employees to Fund E-Commerce Boom

IKEA has announced its plans to lay off 7,500 staff members across its global business, as it makes way for the execution of its new online sales strategy.

By Sam McConnell | 22 Nov 2018