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How Can Australian Retailers Survive Digital Transformation? Loyalty.

According to Dr. Gero Decker, loyalty is at the heart of the modern retail experience.

By Dr. Gero Decker | 27 Mar 2019
Target, Coles, eBay All Part of New ‘Shake ‘N’ Shop’ Mobile Game

Flybuys is the latest loyalty program to jump on the gamification bandwagon, with the launch of its ‘Shake ‘N’ Shop’ in-app game.

April Davis By April Davis | 06 Mar 2019
Cultivate an Emotional Connection to Drive Consumer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the most beneficial brand advocates a company could ask for. Here, Tink Taylor from dotmailer looks at how retailers can drive loyalty by building an emotional connection with their consumers.

By Tink Taylor | 21 Nov 2018
Amazon In Talks to Offer Bank Account to Prime Members

Sources say Amazon has been meeting with banks to discuss the potential of offering a free online Amazon bank account that comes with online shopping benefits. According to a new survey, consumers would be keen...

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Sep 2018
eBay Plans to Stop Prime Day in its Tracks

eBay throws shade at Amazon in its latest move to tackle the e-commerce giant’s expansion head-on.

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Jul 2018
Adairs' CEO Outlines Future Plans

At the company’s recent Investor Day, Adairs’ CEO, Mark Ronan talked sales, omnichannel shopping, product investments and customer loyalty and engagement.

April Davis By April Davis | 09 May 2018
Wise Up to AI or Lose Customer Loyalty, Experts Warn

Businesses that aren't combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with a solid customer loyalty and retention strategy could be at risk of losing out on ongoing revenue streams, experts say.

April Davis By April Davis | 16 Apr 2018
Customer Loyalty Starts at Home

Today your customer is in control. And “best price in town” just doesn’t cut it anymore. So how should retailers and brands manage these fragile relationships with their customers?

By Wayne Jasek | 19 Feb 2018
Retaining Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Research shows that it’s the returning online customer that spends nearly double of what new customers do – discover how to use your email marketing to boost customer loyalty.

By Tink Taylor | 07 Aug 2017