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The Importance of a Solid Data Vision and Strategy

Catch Group is one of the largest online retailers in Australia. As Catch knows, data is a core factor in any retailer's competitive strategy. We discussed the importance of data management with Dr Liron Nehmadi,...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 31 Jul 2019
Neto Launches Repricing Functionality with StreetPricer

If pricing is a competition, Neto and StreetPricer are pulling ahead, today revealing a partnership that will integrate their platforms for Neto customers.

Emotional Data: Making Sure Data Doesn’t Turn Deadly

Retailers need to beware of emotionally analysing data and skewing the results. Good data analysis can help a company but bad data analysis can ruin it.

By Nick Lavidge | 04 Aug 2016
Why Big Data is a Must in E-commerce

Big data is a critical component for companies to consider in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain profitable, with excellent ROI to be had, writes Sunil Kumar.

By Sunil Kumar | 24 Apr 2015
The Big Data Debate: Are We Secure?

Big data has been a big deal for a number of years now, but among all the confusion and hype there are some genuine concerns surrounding this trending utility, writes Sunil Kumar.

By Sunil Kumar | 27 Aug 2014
Strategic Insight: Pairing Data Analysis with Best Practice Loyalty Marketing

By combining retail loyalty marketing with thorough data analysis, retailers can efficiently improve communications and business practices simultaneously.

Top Challenges Retailers Face When Ensuring Omnichannel Enablement

As retail technologies continue to evolve, there's an increasing number of opportunities to differentiate, as well as more challenges retailers must face, writes Stephen Duncan.

By Stephen Duncan | 11 Nov 2013
Big Data: It's Not a Question of Technology

Everyday we hear more about the supposed benefits of big data, but for the uninitiated, launching into data analysis can amount to a Big Waste. Graham Oakes explains what it takes to gain control.

By Graham Oakes | 19 Mar 2013
Twitter Targets Ads Based on User Tweet Analysis

Twitter has announced it will begin allowing advertisers to target its users based on behavioural clues uncovered in their individual tweets.