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Kathmandu Breach Reinforces Why Cybersecurity is Critical for Retailers

With high-profile Australian businesses such as Big W, Target and most recently Kathmandu, all falling prey to cyber attacks, Ben Verschaeren says retailers need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting their data...

By Ben Verschaeren | 25 Mar 2019
Kathmandu Investigates Potential Online Breach

Kathmandu has issued a statement saying it’s investigating a security incident that has impacted its online store, with personal information of customers and payment details potentially “captured” by a third party.

April Davis By April Davis | 14 Mar 2019
Macy’s Online Breach Exposes Credit Card Info

Macy’s has revealed customer data could have been breached on both and, with the number of accounts affected unclear.

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Jul 2018
Concerns Over Major Data Breach Impacting Retailers

Human resources company, PageUp, admits to “unusual activity” in its IT infrastructure, which could potentially compromise the bank, tax and personal details of thousands of major Australian businesses and individuals.

April Davis By April Davis | 06 Jun 2018
Backlash Against Facebook for Data 'Breach'

Millions of users’ data has been exposed and Facebook is facing a backlash. When trust is everything, this is an example of how not to handle a crisis.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 19 Mar 2018
Retailers Face New Data Breach Laws

From next year, any retailer with a turnover of more than $3 million holding customer data, will be required to report a successful cyber-attack, inform all affected individuals and make a public apology, or face...

By Power Retail | 19 Oct 2017
Oracle's Retail Unit Suffers Major Data Breach

Oracle has reportedly incurred a data breach in its MICROS POS system — one of the most widely used retail POS systems in the world.

By Julian Thumm | 10 Aug 2016
VTech Data Breach: Hacker Releases Children's Photos

Toy maker VTech has incurred a massive data breach, exposing five million customer accounts, with the hacker releasing children's photos to the media.

By Julian Thumm | 02 Dec 2015
Data Breach Causes Headache for Woolworths

Details of $1.3 million worth of Woolworths gift cards have been leaked online, opening access to customers' details, purchase history and shopping credit.

By Sam Gopal | 02 Jun 2015