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Instagram Launches ‘Checkout on Instagram’ Trial

Adidas, Zara and H&M are among the brands involved in a closed beta test that allows shoppers to purchase and track online orders directly through the social media app.

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Mar 2019
“A Journey, Not a Race”, How Data Security and CX are Impacting Consumer Decisions

Consumers are more aware than ever when it comes to data security and retail leaders view technological capabilities as the future of CX.

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Feb 2019
Can You Afford To Do Nothing as CNP Fraud Rates Increase?

CNP fraud in Australia rose 25 percent last year. But the FRAUD360 WORLD TOUR is landing to educate e-commerce merchants about how to fight this ugly trend.

By Don Bush | 27 Apr 2016
Trust is Worth a Trillion Dollars

Experts discuss the importance of maintaining trust in retail all the time, but a recent report goes a step further in calculating its dollar value.

Power Retail and Macquarie Telecom host Sydney networking night

Power Retail's Plugged IN events returned to the online retail networking calendar last night. In partnership with Macquarie Telecom, more than 70 attendees witnessed some great presentations and enjoyed a good night.

By Grant Arnott | 19 Apr 2012