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53% of Aussies Keen to See Drone Delivery For Online Parcels

Research has revealed that new tech investments in the online order fulfilment space are high on consumer wish lists this Christmas.

April Davis By April Davis | 28 Nov 2018
Chemist Warehouse Tests Drone Delivery

Chemist Warehouse will partner with X’s Project Wing to test drone delivery technology to Australian households in ACT and Queanbeyan regions.  

World’s First Urban Drone Delivery System Takes Off

Today marks the launch of the world’s first fully operational autonomous urban drone delivery service, to cater for growing on-demand delivery.

Amazon’s Idea of Mobile Drone Trains, Trucks, Ships & Vans

Amazon engineers are looking at its next big idea concerning drone delivery, and how to integrate it into big cities. Its new patent filing explores how trains, boats and vans could be utilised as storage...

Amazon Patents Parachute Shipping Label for Drones

This week Amazon received a patent for shipping labels that contains a built-in parachute, which will help deliver a softer landing for its packages dropped out from either a drone or an airborne craft.

Amazon's First Drone Delivery Trial

Thirteen minutes from checkout to the door – that's the result of the first Amazon drone trial in the UK drawing media interest this week, but should we really be excited?

By Grant Arnott | 16 Dec 2016
Sky’s the Limit With Domino's Drones and Offshore Expansion

Dominos are aiming high, quite literally, with its upcoming pizza drone deliveries set to take flight and its aspirations of offshore expansion.

Australian Drone Delivery Technology To Take Flight in 2017

Australia Post will seek exemptions from key regulations around the use of drone delivery technology, as it looks to launch customer trials as early as next year.

Australia Post Unveils Drone Technology

Australia Post has unveiled its latest drone prototype and details of its drone trials designed to assist with the last mile of parcel delivery.

By Julian Thumm | 18 Apr 2016