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TV Advertising Effective Even With Distractions

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard, Cornell and the University of California has concluded that, contrary to popular belief, television ad effectiveness is not hampered by the presence of a second screen such as...

By Rory Betteridge | 12 Jan 2015
Stamp my loyalty card

Expert insights on how to engage customers and drive loyalty, from an opinion paper created by the ADMA Expert Community.

By Vlad Andrianov | 05 Nov 2014
Facebook Overtaking YouTube In Social Video Content

Google’s video service YouTube is beginning to lose ground as the premiere distributor for video content, as creators, distributors and viewers alike flee towards more user-friendly alternatives.

By Rory Betteridge | 17 Oct 2014
Clicks Meet Bricks with In-store Wi-Fi

Although it's an Australian invention, local retailers appear to be behind the pace when it comes to enhancing their multichannel service offerings with in-store Wi-Fi, writes Carl Jefferys.

By Carl Jefferys | 27 Aug 2014
eBay Announces Same-day Expansion, Collections and Shutl Acquisiton

In a massive update from one of the world's leading marketplaces, eBay announces new ways for shoppers to discover products and have them delivered.

Catch Of The Day's Social Team Crowdsourced this Office Slide

When embarking on a recent office renovation, Catch Of The Day decided to invite their customers to be involved in the planning. This is the result.

Customer Engagement a Priority for Brand Marketers - Study

Econsultancy and Responsys have announced the results of an inaugural study into the way Australian brand marketers are managing customer engagement.

Australian Brands' Facebook Performances Ranked

How effectively does your business utilise Facebook? Would you know how to measure the success of a Facebook page? A study investigating how local brands perform on Facebook aims to help brands better understand how...