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Harrods plans global e-commerce platform, Indian retailers expect to see relief thanks to new online marketplace legislations, Foot Locker invests in Rockets of Awesome and Etsy celebrates Q4 revenue boost.

April Davis By April Davis | 27 Feb 2019
Foot Locker’s E-Commerce Investment Kicks Butt

E-commerce and technology investments at Foot Locker are paying off with its shares in the US spiking 28% on Friday, following its solid earning results release for the third quarter.

Foot Locker Holding its Own Against Amazon

With the turmoil and pressure the activewear market is seeing, and the strong shoe game that Amazon is presenting, it seems Foot Locker is holding its own quite well, and is actually undervalued, according to...

Foot Locker Australia Launches E-Commerce Platform

Today Foot Locker launched its first ever e-commerce platform in Australia, marking a major milestone for the company stepping into the digital age of today’s tech savvy consumers.

Black Friday: Early Figures, Trends and Crashes

With Black Friday over and the Cyber Monday sales in full swing, Power Retail takes an early look at some of the events, including site crashes and a PayPal outage.

By Julian Thumm | 01 Dec 2015
PayPal Now Available In-store

A new deal has been signed between PayPal and numerous retailers that gives customers an alternative payment method when shopping in-store.

By Samantha Youl | 28 May 2012