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eStar Chief Technology Officer Discusses Card Not Present Fraud

Australia has one of the highest rates of card-not-present fraud. Matt Neale, eStar's CTO, tells retailers about upcoming changes in fraud mitigation.

By Matt Neale | 16 Jul 2019
4.2 percent of all Magento Stores Globally Leaking Payment and Customer Data

Thousands of Magento sites are reportedly infected with malware, stealing customer data and turning them into 'zombie money machines.'

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 04 Sep 2018
Transforming Payment Data into Fraud Protection

Creating a frictionless shopping experience leads to increased customer loyalty and fraud prevention is at the core of this. Discover how a unified commerce approach can help combat online fraud.

3 Ways to Beat Fraud this Shopping Season

Australia experienced more than $417 million in credit card fraud during 2016 – a figure that’s more than doubled in the last 6 years. Protect your business and your consumers.

Amazon Data Breach: Third Party Sellers Hacked

Amazon’s third party sellers have had their accounts severely compromised as hackers take advantage of leaked user names and passwords from previous breaches.

Alibaba, Australia Post and Blackmores MOU to Fight Food Fraud

Alibaba has signed an MOU with Australia Post and health company Blackmores, in an initiative to combat the rise of counterfeit food being sold across China, utilising blockchain technology.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 24 Mar 2017
The $7.5 billion Online Advertising Scandal

Are you paying for cost-per-impression advertising? If so, you might not be getting what you're paying for. Some experts say that the majority of internet display ads will never be seen by human eyes.

By Julian Thumm | 18 Jan 2016
Survey: 56 percent of US Consumers Abandon Mobile Transactions

The percentage of users abandoning a mobile transaction has decreased over the past two years according to a recent survey, but the figures are still high.

By Sam Gopal | 20 Aug 2015
Report: Retailers Lacking Fraud Management Tools

According to a recent report conducted by ACI Worldwide, almost two thirds of US and European retailers are ill-equipped to effectively manage retail fraud.

By Sam Gopal | 12 Aug 2015