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Why People Buy Online vs In Store - Not What You Think

A recent report from GFK Global, which surveyed 23,000 shoppers, busts a few myths and delivers some surprising insights into the drivers of online purchase decision-making.

By Grant Arnott | 11 May 2016
Showrooming In Decline, "Webrooming' Booming

A new report by GfK covering 17 countries reveals some very interesting trends in online and offline shopping behaviours.

By Grant Arnott | 22 Oct 2014
Report: Online Retail Growth to Continue

With online spend predicted to account for 15.5% of Technical Consumer Goods sales by the end of 2011, GfK predicts Australia will follow in the footsteps of Europe's massive online growth.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 14 Dec 2011