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Aussie Retailers to Benefit from Alibaba’s $200 Billion Imports Pledge

Alibaba has promised to focus on importing more goods from countries like Australia and the US, in a bid to supply Chinese consumers with a larger range of quality products.

April Davis By April Davis | 07 Nov 2018
Alibaba's CEO Daniel Zhang on the Hot Topic of Customer Data

As Alibaba continues on its mission to globalise e-commerce, CEO Daniel Zhang took the opportunity at a US conference to speak on the matter of consumer data.

By Sam Gopal | 29 Jun 2015
Alibaba's Mission to Globalise E-Commerce

Alibaba is working to expand its international presence, and Founder and Exec Chairman Jack Ma is in the US to pitch his platform to American small businesses.

By Sam Gopal | 11 Jun 2015
Consumer Electronics Prices Compared - Kogan Cheapest

The Credit Suisse consumer electronics price index provides an interesting snapshot of the retail industry's ongoing 'race to the bottom'.

Power Up Case Profile: Balancing Service and Product with Eljo

Conceived while the pair were still at university, Elliot Ramler and Jonathon Green built their appliances and daily deals online retail store,, with a view to provide equal measures of great products and even...

Further Evidence in Support of Multichannel Retail

CBRE has released its annual report that demonstrates how some local retailers have suffered serious shrinkage in the face of heavy online competition.