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Amazon and its Echo Devices, a Powerful Combination has announced the release date of its Echo speakers locally – are you ready for what’s to come Australia?

Amazon Echo Arrives in February

It’s official. Amazon’s echo range of smart speakers is on its way to Australia and New Zealand as the e-commerce giant begins preorders for its “early February” local launch.

Officeworks Integrates With Google Assistant

As momentum of smarthome technology and voice commerce gathers pace across the globe, Officeworks has announced its integration with the Google Assistant.

By Power Retail | 01 Dec 2017
eBay and Google Partner for Next Gen Retail

From today, Australians will be able to use Google Assistant to access’s sixty million listings, by saying ‘Ask eBay’ or ‘Talk to eBay’ in order to search for the perfect gift.

Google's Anti-Amazon Solution

Iconic retailers including Walmart, Target and Costco have teamed up with Google for a new solution challenging Amazon Prime. Google Express will offer the same delivery advantages, but without the US $95 annual charge.

The Future of Retail: Home Speaker Assistant Sales Soar In The US

Is the home speaker the new smartphone? The surge in sales of speaker-based virtual assistants across the US heralds a major wave of retail disruption, one that retailers could quickly find themselves dumped by.

By Grant Arnott | 04 Jul 2017