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Amazon Takes On Coles and Woolworths

Amazon is moving to take a share of the $100 billion grocery market in Australia, announcing the release of its own line of pantry food.

By Sam McConnell | 17 Oct 2018
Analysts Predict Amazon to Surpass Macy's in US Apparel Sales by 2017

According to new analysis, the online marketplace is expected to overtake Macy's as the top apparel seller in the US by 2017, as it continues to lure fashion brands on to its site.

By Sam Gopal | 28 Jul 2015
Aldi Sets Sights on Coles and Woolworths

German supermarket chain Aldi sees Australia as a lucrative region and plans to apply the pressure on Coles and Woolworths by expanding its local footprint.

By Sam Gopal | 16 Mar 2015