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Target in the US Has Rolled out Its Beacon Test Program

Target in the US has launched its beacon test program across 50 of its store network, with plans to expand further nationwide later in the year.

By Sam Gopal | 07 Aug 2015
Australia in Top Three For Digitally-Influenced Retail Sales

Forty percent of retail bricks-and-mortar visits in Australia are influenced by digital engagement, behind the US at 49 percent and Canada at 41 percent.

By Sam Gopal | 21 Jul 2015
Australian Consumers Demand Revolution, Not Evolution, From Retailers

According to the 2015 IBM Smarter Consumer Study, 57 percent of consumers would switch to a retailer who provides visibility of in-store stock.

By Sam Gopal | 08 Jul 2015
Driving In-Store Purchases through Digital Devices

Leveraging digital devices to enhance the in-store experience can help bridge the gap between the two retail worlds, as well as drive bigger conversions.

By Nick Grinberg | 29 Jun 2015
Zalora Pop-Up Store Connecting Offline and Online

Online retailer Zalora is using a pop-up store in Hong Kong to grow its business and create an omnichannel touchpoint for its customers.

By Sam Gopal | 14 May 2015
Webinar: Making Sense of The Mobility Crisis in Australian Retail

View Power Retail's recent webinar, which discusses the current state of Australian retail's efforts to integrate mobile technology, as well as how retailers can get ahead of the curve.

Clicks Meet Bricks with In-store Wi-Fi

Although it's an Australian invention, local retailers appear to be behind the pace when it comes to enhancing their multichannel service offerings with in-store Wi-Fi, writes Carl Jefferys.

By Carl Jefferys | 27 Aug 2014
Amazon Goes with the Flow to Promote Showrooming

Amazon introduced augmented reality app 'Flow' in 2011, but is now confident enough in the technology to integrate it with its standard shopping app, putting even more pressure on traditional and bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Is O2O the Next Big Buzzword in Retail?

Described as a buzzword, the future of retail and click-and-collect all rolled into one, Chris Morley describes the 'O2O' phenomenon sweeping China.

By Chris Morley | 04 Feb 2014