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Three Things Retailers Can Learn from Alibaba's Jack Ma

In the wake of Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma, formally leaving his role in the multi-billion dollar business, there are a few lessons all retailers can take away. 

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 13 Sep 2019
Alibaba Aims to Serve 2 Billion Customers by 2036

Alibaba’s Founder and Chairman, Jack Ma, and CEO, Daniel Zhang have released their latest letters to the company’s shareholder’s, outlining the online business’s plans for the future.

April Davis By April Davis | 01 Nov 2018
Alibaba’s Jack Ma Fights Back Against Fresh US Trade Tariffs

Days after the US announced its plans to levy fresh tariffs on $US200 billion of Chinese goods, one of China’s richest men warned of the repercussions claiming tensions could last as long as 20 years,...

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Sep 2018
Jack Ma to Leave Alibaba

Alibaba, the Chinese multi-billion dollar corporation has announced today a change in management from the man who started it all.

By Hannah Ainsworth | 10 Sep 2018
Alibaba Invests AUD$20.5 Billion into the ‘Future’ of E-Commerce

In preparation for the next wave of e-commerce, Alibaba has decided to invest more than $100 billion yuan (approximately AUD$20.5 billion) into smart logistics.

April Davis By April Davis | 05 Jun 2018
The World’s Most Interactive Starbucks

Starbucks' new Reserve Roastery in Shanghai was created to wow and delight China’s increasingly sophisticated tech-enabled online shoppers.

Alibaba Surpasses Amazon

The global supremacy war between e-commerce giants Alibaba and Amazon is never without heat, especially as the Chinese online retailer surpassed its US rival to become the world’s biggest e-commerce company.

Jack Ma on New Retail, Technology and Globalisation

In a letter to shareholders, Alibaba Group’s founder and chairman, Jack Ma, expressed his view on how the internet and technology has not only revolutionised retail – it’s changed our lives forever.

Alibaba Promotes E-Commerce Growth in Africa

Alibaba's new program will see 200 young African entrepreneurs invited to its Hanghzou campus to study e-commerce so that they can return to Africa to develop e-businesses and teach those skills to other young, aspiring...