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How to Protect Your Business Against Grey Imports

How enforceable is an exclusive distribution agreement? Rosalyn Gladwin tells us what to do when grey imports impact your business.

By Rosalyn Gladwin | 07 May 2019
Misleading, Deceptive, Sustainable?

Rosalyn Gladwin from Gladwin Legal explains why 'sustainability' is more than just a buzz word and why a head-in-the-sand approach could cost you and your business, big time.

By Rosalyn Gladwin | 15 Apr 2019
It's GDPR Go Time: Are You Ready?

One of the most significant data privacy reforms, the General Data Protection Regulation, is set to take effect this week. It may have far reaching implications for Australian retailers. Have you audited your business and...

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 22 May 2018
Woolworths' Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Draws ABC's Ire

ABC lawyers have contacted Woolworths after it was found to be using the broadcaster's Adelaide HQ as advertising space.

FAA Grounds Amazon Delivery Drone Plans

Clarification of earlier policy regarding the commercial use of model aircraft has set the US' aviation body against Amazon and its plans for unmanned delivery drones.

By Rory Betteridge | 26 Jun 2014
Protecting Your Intellectual Property - Common Sense Considerations for Online Retailers

There's no shortage of ways your intellectual property can be misappropriated online. It's how you react when it occurs that can make all the difference.