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Q&A: Shhh Silk Talks Supercharging Loyalty

Olivia Carr, Founder and CEO of Shhh Silk, tells us her top three tips for repeat purchase behaviour and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 07 May 2019
Stamp my loyalty card

Expert insights on how to engage customers and drive loyalty, from an opinion paper created by the ADMA Expert Community.

By Vlad Andrianov | 05 Nov 2014
Amazon Adds Referral Program For Prime

Amazon has upped its focus on its successful Amazon Prime loyalty program, adding a $5 incentive for customers to refer new members.

By Grant Arnott | 13 Oct 2014
Consumers are Willing to Give Loyalty for an Omnichannel Experience

Australian retailers' ongoing lack of technological proficiency, particularly as it relates to offering an omnichannel experience, is beginning to seriously disenfranchise local consumers, according to IBM research.

First ShopTalk Brisbane to Kick Off Next Week

The inaugural Brisbane ShopTalk event is scheduled for July 16 and will feature three industry experts in a discussion of loyalty and CRM.

First ShopTalk of 2014 to Feature Qantas and Webster Holdings

The first ShopTalk event for the year is scheduled for this Wednesday evening in Sydney, and will feature experts from Qantas and Webster Holdings

Manufacturing Loyalty Omni-channel Style

What makes up the DNA of a good retail loyalty program? Lisa Powell of Amblique sheds some light on loyalty best practice in the omni-channel age.

By Lisa Powell | 26 Feb 2013
Google Attempts Coupons and Loyalty... Again

While Google has made overtures on gaining a presence in the loyalty before, its latest announcement of 'Zavers' - a couponing initiative - may herald a long-awaited success.

Are Online Shoppers More Loyal?

You may expect that the ability to price compare and shop around on the web would make consumers more fickle. But a recent study by Unilever reveals just the opposite.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 28 Oct 2011