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The Rise of the Conscientious Consumer

The importance of cause marketing and creating shared value should matter more to brands as the rise of the conscientious consumer continues, according to Nielsen.

Loyalty Programs in Australia: Coles Flybuys Takes First Place

Do retailer loyalty programs actually foster customer loyalty? Not according to this market research, but they do encourage spending, and Coles' offering is perceived as the best around.

Trust is Worth a Trillion Dollars

Experts discuss the importance of maintaining trust in retail all the time, but a recent report goes a step further in calculating its dollar value.

'Showrooming' Increases In-store Sales

A recent study performed by Deloitte lends weight to the theory that shoppers who use their smartphones to browse products while in-store are more likely to buy then and there, debunking the popular 'showrooming' myth.

More Consumers Trust Peer Reviews, Not SMS Marketing

A Nielsen study shows an increasing number of people trust consumer generated reviews online, while fewer people believe mobile text ads are trustworthy.

Audience Measurement Companies' Battle Hurts Entire Online Industry

comScore has released its financial results for 2011. Revenue looks rosy, but it posts a net loss thanks to legal wrangling with rival company, Nielsen - and that isn't good for anyone.

Clicks Not Bricks: A Call-to-Arms for Australian Retailers

A new report highlights that Australian customers are dissatisfied with online shopping choices with over 50 percent spending money with offshore competitors.

By Neha Kale | 07 Mar 2011
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Fashion at Retail: Just a Game?

As traditional methods of marketing are changing as more and more consumers shop online, so too are the ways in which market research is being conducted.