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How Urban Outfitters Reached 75% Conversion Gain

International fashion retailer Urban Outfitters has successfully leveraged mobile location data for a 75% conversion gain, by tapping into five messaging tactics in its recent mobile campaign.

Warning: New Google Penalties for Mobile, Are You Compliant?

Following its warning to webmasters last year, Google has this week introduced penalties for interstitial (pop-ups) appearing on mobile browsing experiences. Retailers not complying can and will now face penalties.

By Grant Arnott | 13 Jan 2017
Under Armour Expanding Oz Operations

US sports apparel and footwear brand Under Armour has made its intentions to expand its presence in Australia known, planning to open a number of retail spaces in Aussie shopping centres within the year.

By Rory Betteridge | 31 Mar 2015
Telstra Invests In Mobile Ads Platform AdNear

Telstra Ventures has joined a line-up of venture capitalists including Sequoia and Canaan to invest in mobile advertising platform AdNear.

By Grant Arnott | 20 Oct 2014
AdRoll Research Supports Facebook Mobile Marketing Growth

Opening the doors to advertisers has seen Facebook experience significant revenue growth. Now research by AdRoll confirms how advertisers benefit from partnership with Facebook mobile marketing.

By Katherine Gray | 30 Jul 2014
Measuring Mobile ROI: Google Introduces Full Value of Mobile

Google has released a tool to measure ROI for mobile ad spend. Full Value of Mobile Calculator is designed so marketers can monitor sales leads that manifest in the form of calls, app activity, in-store...

By Jasper Vallance | 02 Apr 2013
Mobile Promotions Boost In-store Activity: Study

A recent study, the collaboration of several major US Universities, explores the positive relationship between mobile promotions, distance walked in-store and unplanned spending.

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012

Globally, online businesses are scrambling to develop, implement and integrate some form of mobile strategy - and there's plenty of variability across the board.

A Shortcut to the Demise of the QR Code

QR codes have not seen the universal popularity that mobile technophiles originally hoped for. Now that Shortcut is on the scene, they may be gone before they get the chance.