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Card-Not-Present Fraud Shouldn’t Be an Accepted Risk for Online Retailers

Anyone who has ever traded online knows that e-commerce comes with its fair share of business risks, but how you choose to protect yourself can have significant impacts on your bottom line.

By MYOB | 18 Mar 2019
53% of Retailers Say Digital Channels Attract More Customer Queries

Australian retailers are reportedly faster than other sectors to embrace changes in consumer behaviours, with more businesses moving online than in any other industry.

April Davis By April Davis | 24 Jan 2019
Green Ant Toys: Selling Online is Far from Child's Play

After many years as a business accountant, Polly Green decided to try her hand in practicing what she preached. Now she owns and runs online toy shop, Green Ant Toys.

Is Your Business Ready for the NBN?

Although much discussion surrounding the NBN has been focused on the public sector and benefits to consumers, there is also a lot for businesses to consider. Now it's time to prepare for these changes and...

Google and MYOB: Getting Aussie Businesses Online

Google and MYOB are taking advantage of the 'realisation' within the Australian business community, that it is essential to be online and have launched a campaign offering them the opportunity to get online for free.

Online the Answer for SME's Christmas Retail Success

The recently released MYOB Business Monitor indicates that SME retailers have had a challenging year, with rising interest rates, election uncertainty and competition from international competitors. Tim Reed, MYOB CEO advises retailers to head online...

Australian Businesses Not Online

Alarming results from the latest MYOB Business Monitor Survey indicate that Australian businesses are slow to get online.