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Amazon Accused of Faking Private Label Reviews

Marketplace merchants and review watchdogs have accused Amazon of manipulating online reviews of its private label products, putting its third-party sellers at a disadvantage.

By Sam McConnell | 23 Oct 2018
95% of Consumers Influenced by Online Reviews

With a 95 percent increase in conversion rates at stake, how strong is your online review game?

April Davis By April Davis | 25 Sep 2018
Promoting Authenticity and Trust with Online Reviews

With the recent news that ACCC is paying special attention to how brands manage online reviews, we take a look at how to get it right by promoting authenticity and generating trust with consumers.

Are Online Reviews Positive for Brands?

According to, 70% of online reviews are positive reviews, dispelling common business fears of negative reviews damaging sales.

By Grant Arnott | 01 Aug 2013