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How Fin-Tech Innovation is Driving the Future of Australian Retail

It’s a commonly held narrative that the Australian retail industry is in dire straits, and indeed, it’s a tricky time. If retailers choose to stay stagnant they will fail, but by leaning in to new...

By Dion Appel | 04 Jul 2019
The E-commerce Trends Gearing Up For Impact in 2019

The online retail industry isn’t one to stand still, and according to industry insiders, 2019 will be no exception.

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Dec 2018
Research Reveals That BNPL is Growing by 120% Each Year

Power Retail’s first ‘Spotlight Series’ report has revealed that 1.8 million Australian consumers are actively using buy now, pay later services, representing a growth rate of 120 percent per annum.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Dec 2018
Bunnings Diversifies its Buy Now, Pay Later Offerings

It’s no secret that Bunnings’ e-commerce strategy is still in its infancy, but it has made moves of late that indicate the company is ready to expand its online offerings. Its latest buy now, pay...

By Sam McConnell | 27 Nov 2018
Openpay Channels Offline Footprint to Increase Conversions

Openpay has teamed up with Raincheck to create a new app developed to increase conversion rates. Consumers can now save items online into a “wishlist”, and be notified when passing a bricks and mortar store...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 21 Feb 2017