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Betta Electrical Leading in Customer Satisfaction

Betta Electrical has taken out the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Award in the furniture/electrical store category for the third consecutive month.

By Sam Gopal | 06 Aug 2015
Federal Budget Gives Retail a Boost

Following last week's Federal Budget, figures from the Australian Retail Index indicate the retail industry is recovering well, with a three percent pick up in sales.

By Sam Gopal | 21 May 2015
Why CEOs Should Embrace Digital Transformation Technology

Although the impact of digital transformation is not new, the retail industry is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges for all CEOs.

By Sunil Kumar | 21 May 2015
RetailTECH X Expo Kicked Off Today

Bringing together the cream of the crop of the world's leading retail brands and guest speakers, RetailTECH X technology expo opened its doors this morning in Melbourne.

By Sam Gopal | 20 May 2015
Politics and Retail: Outcomes of the Impending Election

Promises, promises and more promises. It must be time for a Federal election again - but where's the retail voice?

By Chris Morley | 30 Aug 2013
Pulseless Australian Retail Turnover for June

The latest from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the local retail industry didn't make any ground for June 2013.

New Retail Requires Consolidation, Not Fragmentation

The plethora of retail industry associations is symptomatic of Australia's fragmented new retail landscape, writes Paul Greenberg.

By Paul Greenberg | 17 Jul 2013
Climate Change Begins to Impact Global Retail Markets

The UK High Street is just getting over a sales slump caused by Europe's extended winter. Now Australian retailers are seeing first hand how much difference a bout of unseasonable weather makes.

NORA Campaigns for Greater Online Retail Advocacy

The recently formed National Online Retailers Association, or NORA, is pushing hard to gain greater visibility for online retailers and merchants.