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Refocusing Business Efforts for the Digital Age

Sensis recently released a report that looked at how small and medium businesses are navigating the digital age curve. Here follows some further advice.

By Robert Tolliday | 17 Aug 2015
Call for an SEM Code of Ethics

An initial meeting to discuss a proposed SEM Code of Ethics for North America will take place this week at the internet marketing conference, Pubcon, in Las Vegas.

By Tami Iseli | 06 Oct 2014
Google Shopping Continues to Evolve One Year Since Launch

It's now over a year since Google Shopping was first introduced, and there isn't much time left before it replaces the original Product Listing Ad format, which Google will retire this August. Find out about...

Google AdWords for Decision Makers: Calculating ROI

While it is possible to accurately calculate the return on investment for AdWords campaigns, there are still some significant gaps in visibility, writes Jasper Vallance.

By Jasper Vallance | 08 Jul 2013
Google Adwords for Decision Makers: Partnerships and Budgeting

It's one thing to have a rough understanding of SEM, but another entirely to have the time to create and maintain successful AdWords campaigns, writes Jasper Vallance.

By Jasper Vallance | 28 May 2013
Google AdWords for Decision Makers - Part One

Jasper Vallance shares a portion of his many years experience with Google, discussing strategic concerns for online retailers when setting up with AdWords.

By Jasper Vallance | 14 May 2013
Sudden Google Update Shakes Up Local Brand Rankings

A number of Australian businesses will have discovered they are suddenly ranking well for certain location-based keywords. Others will witness a sharp drop.

14 Tips to Save Money on Google AdWords

For the uninitiated, tracking ROI on an SEM campaign can prove an elusive goal. Here are some useful tips for retailers to get the most from Google Adwords.

By Tracy Mu Sung | 19 Apr 2013
Get the Most of a Google Shopping Incentive Before April 12

As Google ramps up its latest offering, Google Shopping, retailers have a chance to maximise their value for money by taking part in a one-off promotion. Is your business eligible for this incentive?

By Mark Gray | 08 Apr 2013