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Why is SEO Important For E-Commerce

Online retailers understand how vital SEO is, but for many, it's still daunting. Emma Rapadas from eStar explains how to optimise for maximum results.

By Emma Rapadas | 14 May 2019
T2's Latest Marketing Tactic to Attract More Shoppers

T2 looks to expand e-commerce traffic from key markets including Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and South West Asia thanks to its new marketing strategy.

April Davis By April Davis | 27 Mar 2019
How to Maximise Pre-Christmas Sales

With the festive season fast approaching, retailers are bracing for the most lucrative period of the retail calendar. But, how can you ensure your e-commerce platform is prepped for the holidays and beyond?

By Michael Jenkins | 14 Nov 2018
Is Dead?

Could the proposed roll out of .au domain addresses spell disaster for Australian retailers? Is auDA protecting or harming the brand?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 21 Feb 2018
Emoji Search Is A Thing. Kill. Me. Now!

Emoji search is catching on - are you optimised for internet users searching by sad faces and thumbs up? Is this the end of civilization? I want to get off this planet.

By Grant Arnott | 10 Jul 2017
5 SEO Strategies for Your E-Commerce Site

Without an effective SEO strategy, your online store is far less likely to be on Google’s first page of results, which means it will be harder to find. Here are five SEO strategies to implement...

By Ryan Murtagh | 28 Jun 2017
Warning: New Google Penalties for Mobile, Are You Compliant?

Following its warning to webmasters last year, Google has this week introduced penalties for interstitial (pop-ups) appearing on mobile browsing experiences. Retailers not complying can and will now face penalties.

By Grant Arnott | 13 Jan 2017
Did your Google Rankings Change Overnight?  

It’s been a two-year wait, but Google’s anticipated new algorithm started rolling out over the weekend and it's already in action. Say Hello to Google Penguin 4.0.

By Michael Jenkins | 27 Sep 2016
Keeping SEO Strong in 2016 and Beyond

The death of black hat SEO and the rise of smartphones and social media mean that it may be time to re-examine your SEO strategy to ensure you're as visible as possible.

By John Vlasakakis | 08 Apr 2016